Wind Characteristics and Loads


  • Aerodynamics of wind turbines
  • Wind and hydrodynamic loads for wind turbines
  • Wind characteristics in urban environments
  • Wind tunnel testing of wind energy systems
  • Technology readiness level (TRL) of wind energy for urban boundary layer
  • Harvesting energy from the energy-containing large scales of turbulence: the built environment turbulent flows
  • Aerodynamic optimization of wind energy converter supporting structures
  • Onshore wind energy converters and aeolian parks
  • Offshore wind energy converters and aeolian parks



Structures, Materials and Dynamics


  • Structural design of wind energy support structures
  • Structural dynamics for energy converters
  • Numerical modelling of the structural behavior of wind turbine towers
  • Fatigue issues in wind energy converters
  • Structural connections in wind energy structures
  • Detailing in wind energy converter structural design
  • Vibrations in wind energy converters
  • Foundations of onshore and offshore wind energy structures
  • Seismic analysis and design of wind energy structures


Grid Integration, Operations and Control


  • Wind energy and power electronics and smart grids
  • Wind energy operations & control
  • Power quality and wind energy systems
  • Wind energy and electricity storage options
  • Generator/drive systems and wind energy systems


Markets, Strategies, Policies and Socio-economics


  • Electricity markets incorporating wind energy
  • Wind energy in built environment and social impact
  • Strategic planning for wind energy in built environment
  • Life cycle approach to wind energy technology
  • Economics and incentives for wind in the built environment
  • Wind energy economics and economics of smart cities: capacity factors and costs of energy
  • Policy framework for wind energy in the built environment
  • Wind energy stakeholders involvement


Smart Cities and Environmental Aspects


  • Wind energy and built environment: case studies
  • Integrated approaches and smart cities
  • Smart cities and wind energy opportunities
  • Unconventional innovative design of wind energy converters
  • Noise of wind energy converters
  • Environment impact of wind energy harvesting in the built environment




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